Making Business Growth Our Mission

At J. Dauman & Co, we are a dedicated, forward-thinking accountancy firm in West London, driven by our motto, “We make your business grow.”

Elevating Standards in Accountancy

J. Dauman & Co. carries a rich 75-year history of providing specialised, comprehensive accounting services to a diverse clientele, underlining our legacy of trust and quality.

Something about us
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Our mission

We aim to foster a supportive business environment, enabling businesses and individuals to grow alongside us.

We illuminate hidden tax-saving opportunities, cost inefficiencies, and business potential for our clients through meticulous bookkeeping and accounting services. Our growth philosophy acknowledges that our development is inextricably linked to the advancement of our clients, employees, and partners.

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Our mission

Our Approach to Accelerating Your Growth

  • Developing enduring relationships with clients built on trust.
  • Providing valuable tax-saving and business insights.
  • Expertly run by ACCA or ACA-qualified accountants.
  • Unearthing potential for cost efficiencies.
  • Bolstering business development with our strategic expertise.
  • Advancing together with clients, employees and partners.
  • Readily adjusting to ever-changing market conditions.
  • Leveraging 75 years of experience for future-proof decisions.
  • Staying at the cutting edge of accounting practices.
  • Prioritising client satisfaction above all.
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How we work
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Our Unique History

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Establishment of the first Polish accounting office Dauman & Co Ltd in Great Britain
Piotr Kubalka joins the Dauman & Co Ltd team, which develops under the guidance of George Styburski, Clive Roberts and Ena Kapasi
Establishment of strategic partnership between Dauman & Co Ltd and Capital Business Links
The second succession in the history of the brand: the merger of J.Dauman and Capital Business Links under the name J.Dauman by Capital Business Links and the direction of Piotr Kubalka
75th anniversary of the UK market and the creation of the J.Dauman Group
First succession in the brand's history: former employees George Styburski, Clive Roberts and Ene Kapasi took over from the founder
Piotr Kubalka leaves Dauman & Co Ltd and sets up Capital Business Link ltd
J.Dauman brand partners establish law firm J.Dauman Legal
Emergence J.Dauman Logistics
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Our services

Diverse Services for Your Unique Needs

Our accountants offer a broad range of services to meet all your financial needs. This includes everything from full accountancy and taxation services for individuals to comprehensive support for limited companies, the self-employed, and partnerships. It’s all here under one roof.
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Proudly part of the J. Dauman Group

We take immense pride in being part of the J. Dauman Group, a London-based business hub encompassing various industries from legal to logistics. This partnership enriches our service portfolio, providing our clients with holistic business solutions and further strengthening our position as a trusted accountancy firm in West London.

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