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Navigate the complexities of restaurant accounting with J. Dauman & Co. Maximise your profitability, streamline your cash flow, and minimise your tax liabilities with our custom solutions.
Optimise Tax Planning for Restaurants.
Streamline Cash Flow Management.
Specialised in VAT on Food Regulations.

Your Specialist Accountants for Restaurants in London

For over 75 years, we have been a trusted partner to restaurant businesses across London. Our innovative, growth-oriented approach sets us apart from traditional accountancy firms. We understand your unique needs and challenges in the hospitality industry, delivering specialist accounting services to fuel your success.

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Key Considerations for Restaurant Accounting

The dynamics of restaurant accounting go beyond traditional business accounting. With considerations such as VAT on food, corporation tax, and the nuances of hospitality accounting, it’s essential to partner with an accountant who understands your business.

  • Navigating VAT on restaurant takeaways.
  • Optimising corporation tax for restaurants.
  • Managing cash flow in high-turnover businesses.
  • Implementing accounting systems for restaurant businesses.
  • Ensuring compliance with hospitality industry regulations.
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How Our Restaurant Accounting Service Works

  • 1. Initial Consultation
    Book a phone or video call with one of our chartered accountants to discuss your requirements
  • 2. Personalised Advice
    Our accountants listen, ask pertinent questions, and provide strategic advice tailored to your business.
  • 3. Customised Quote
    Receive a personalised quote for our comprehensive accountancy services.
  • 4. Dedicated Accountant
    Partner with a dedicated accountant who understands your restaurant business.
  • 5. Continuous Support
    Enjoy ongoing support and regular updates from your dedicated accountant.
Why choose us

Why Partner with Our Restaurant Accountants in London

Experienced Team

With 75 years of experience, our chartered restaurant accountants understand the nuances of the hospitality industry. We offer tailored solutions to navigate these complexities.

Personalised Approach

Our accountants work closely with you to understand your business, providing personalised strategies to fuel growth and profitability.

Proactive Advice

We pride ourselves on quick responses and proactive advice. Our aim is to help you avoid potential pitfalls and seize opportunities to grow your business.

Tax Expertise

From navigating VAT on food to optimising corporation tax, we offer comprehensive tax services to help your restaurant business flourish.

Business Partnerships

Connect with our network of business partners to gain access to opportunities and resources that could fuel your business's growth.

Tech-Savvy Solution

We make use of cutting-edge accounting systems and software to deliver efficient, real-time accounting solutions for your restaurant business.

Hear from Our Satisfied Restaurant Clients

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear from our satisfied London restaurant clients who have benefited from our comprehensive accounting services and proactive approach.
High quality accounting services Olena United Kingdom star

We have been working with Dauman for years and we cannot complain about a single thing. It is efficient, cost-effective and client-centric firm. 100% recommended!

I would definitely recommend Clive Roberts Paola Saunders United Kingdom star

Clive has prepared the accounts for my business for over 15 years and has also submitted my tax returns. Clive’s invaluable knowledge and expertise has given me peace of mind with regards to my accounts. It’s great to have this reassurance – Clive is always efficient, personable and very approachable too. Thank you Clive!

I have been a client of Dauman and Co… Sepehr Arkani Managing director CG&A Ltd star

I have been a client of Dauman and Co for over 25 years and my father was a client for 15 years prior to me. Through out this period I have been the recipient of an excellent professional and courteous service. I would be very happy to recommend this company to anyone.

Excellent and reliable service Peter United Kingdom star

Excellent, reliable and polite people pleasure to work with.

Our services

Accounting Services for Restaurants in London

We offer a wide range of accounting services tailored to the needs of restaurant businesses. Let us be your trusted partner for success in the restaurant industry.

Your Questions, Answered

  • What experience do you have with restaurant accounting?

    We’ve worked with restaurants for over 75 years, dealing with unique challenges like VAT on food and cash flow management. Our experience spans various types of restaurant businesses, from small cafes to large chains. Schedule a meeting with us to find out more. 

  • How can you help with my VAT returns?

    Our team of accountants is well-versed in the nuances of VAT for restaurants, including VAT on food and takeaways. We ensure accurate, timely VAT returns, helping you avoid penalties and optimise your tax liabilities.

  • Can you assist with cash flow management for my restaurant?

    Absolutely! Cash flow is critical in the restaurant industry, and we provide strategies to manage it effectively. From optimising payment terms to forecasting cash flow, we assist in maintaining a healthy financial status.

  • How will you understand my specific restaurant business needs?

    We believe in a personalised approach. We’ll first understand your business, its financial challenges and goals. Our services are tailored to suit your specific needs, ensuring optimal financial health and growth. Schedule a meeting with one of our experts to find out more.

  • How quickly can you respond to my inquiries or requests?

    Our team prides itself on quick, responsive service. We strive to respond to all inquiries promptly, providing accurate and useful advice to help you make informed financial decisions.

  • Can you advise on tax planning strategies for my restaurant?

    Yes, we provide comprehensive tax planning services. We offer strategies for optimising your tax position, navigating complex regulations and minimising your tax liabilities while ensuring full compliance with the law.

  • Do you offer accounting software integration?

    Indeed, we use cutting-edge accounting software to streamline bookkeeping and financial tracking. We can integrate this with your existing systems, providing real-time, efficient financial data management.

  • I’m planning to expand my restaurant business. Can you help?

    Absolutely. Our growth-oriented approach includes planning for business expansion. We can help with financial forecasting, budgeting, and identifying potential investment opportunities to fuel your restaurant’s growth.

  • How can you help reduce my restaurant’s tax liability?

    Through strategic tax planning, we identify areas to reduce tax liability within the legal framework. This includes optimising allowances, managing VAT efficiently, and ensuring correct treatment of income and expenses.

  • What other services do you offer for restaurant businesses?

    Besides accounting and tax services, we provide financial forecasting, management accounts, advice on business expansion, connections to business partners, and more, tailored to support the growth and success of your restaurant.


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