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Serving the Kensington area, J. Dauman & Co propels local businesses and individuals forward with exceptional accountancy services. Our dedicated accountants are unwavering in their mission to steer our clients towards financial prosperity and expansion.
Bespoke services attuned to your specific needs.
Dynamic advice to capitalise on financial openings.
Guidance for UK businesses seeking to venture into the EU market.

Your Local Kensington Accountancy Specialists

As your trusted chartered accountants in Kensington, we boast a rich legacy that traces back to 1948. Our forward-thinking team is keen on nurturing British entrepreneurs to achieve their financial aspirations. We combine time-honoured values with an innovative approach to help spur your business growth.

Whether you’re a startup hunting for a Kensington accountant, an established enterprise, or an individual needing assistance with personal financial matters, we’re ready to guide you towards your financial goals.

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Accounting Considerations for Kensington Businesses

Be it a seasoned business owner, a growing startup, or someone aiming to organise personal affairs, we offer bespoke solutions designed to meet your needs. Our experienced accountancy experts can reveal untapped financial opportunities. Together, we help you grow.

  • Understanding Tax Efficiency: Avoid overpaying on taxes.
  • Quality Services: Partner with a responsive and proactive accountancy firm in Kensington.
  • Trade with the EU: Traverse new post-Brexit regulations with our expertise.
  • Business Advisory: From inception to growth, we journey with you at every step.
  • Optimising Funds: Uncover investment strategies and tax-efficient plans for surplus income.
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How Our Services Work

Starting your journey with us is simple. Choose a suitable time for a phone or video call with our expert accountants. Discuss your needs and ambitions, and we’ll attentively listen, ask probing questions, and provide essential advice. After the consultation, you’ll receive a personalised service quote.

By partnering with us, you will gain access to:

  • Customised financial advice for growth
  • Detailed, personalised service quotes
  • Approachable accountancy team
  • Proactive identification of economic opportunities
  • Adaptable services for your evolving needs
  • Commitment to your financial success
Why choose us

Why Choose Our Accountants?

ACCA Certified

As an ACCA chartered practice, we deliver premier services designed to further your entrepreneurial growth.


Our true passion lies in supporting British entrepreneurs. We're committed to fuelling your startup's success!

Comprehensive Services

We're your all-encompassing solution for all fiscal matters, from tax returns to payroll and beyond.

Industry-Specific Insights

Our diverse client base has honed our expertise, enabling us to provide tailored, industry-specific advice

European Market Navigation

As proficient accountants in West London, we help UK businesses flourish in the post-Brexit EU market.


We see beyond the numbers, equipping you with strategies for financial growth and expansion.
Our services

Accountancy Services We Offer in Kensington


Your Questions, Answered

  • Do you support Kensington businesses intending to trade with the EU post-Brexit?

    Indeed, we offer exemplary support for Kensington businesses operating within the EU. From establishing European limited companies to delivering EU accounting services, we connect you with vital European business contacts.

  • How do you understand the needs of your clients?

    Beyond mere account preparation and tax calculations, we grasp your business holistically, pinpointing overlooked tax-saving opportunities, cost inefficiencies, and potential new business avenues. We’re here to inspire and foster your growth.

  • Can you recommend investment opportunities for Kensington businesses with significant income?

    Absolutely. Our Kensington clients value our advice on new investment opportunities and insights into markets like property. We can also introduce you to business partners, such as manufacturers of building materials or food producers in Central Europe.

  • What does your motto, “We make your business grow,” mean?

    Our motto underscores our commitment to helping our cherished clients grow their businesses. We believe in growth, not just in business, but also as individuals, employees, and conscientious beings. Our philosophy is “Together we grow.”

  • What is the role of the J. Dauman Group?

    As a vital part of the J. Dauman Group, our West London office operates as a nexus within this European business network. With partners across a range of industries, we deliver a vast spectrum of services to bolster Kensington businesses and individuals.

  • Who makes up the team at J. Dauman & Co?

    Our team consists of highly qualified ACCA-certified specialists and AAT-trained accounting professionals. We meld experience and qualifications with modern tools and customer service strategies, gaining the trust of countless clients who value our support.

  • What common problems do you solve for customers?

    We assist clients who feel they’re paying excessive tax, are dissatisfied with their current accountants, or are not seeing their businesses perform as anticipated. We’re also here to offer expert, proactive guidance for those planning to launch a new enterprise.

  • How can I reach your accountants?

    You can contact us via our website or drop by our office. We’re always prepared to assist you with your accounting and business needs, propelling growth and success.


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