Payroll Services in West London

Experience effortless payroll management with our customised services and expert payroll team.
Guaranteeing precise, punctual payments.
Navigating complex payroll regulations.
Freeing up your valuable time.

Comprehensive Payroll Solutions Tailored for You

Our team turns the potentially overwhelming task of payroll management into a smooth, uncomplicated operation, providing you the space to focus on your business’s upward trajectory.

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When Payroll Becomes A Priority

Managing payroll involves wrestling with tax compliance, legal requirements and strict deadlines. Our commitment is to transform these intricate aspects into seamless processes with our outstanding payroll services in West London.

  • Wave goodbye to tedious tax computations.
  • Full compliance with payroll legislation ensured.
  • Employee benefits managed with zero fuss.
  • Specialised assistance for European businesses.
  • Timely and accurate salary transfers guaranteed.
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How Do We Streamline Your Payroll?

Our journey begins with an in-depth consultation to understand your unique payroll needs. We then provide you with expert advice and a personalised quote before embarking on a mission to refine your payroll process. Each step is designed to dovetail with your business objectives.

When you work with us, you will benefit from following:

  • Initial consultation to understand your needs.
  • Expert advice to navigate payroll intricacies.
  • Personalised quote matching your requirements.
  • Accurate computations and timely submissions.
  • Detailed payroll reports for insights.
  • Proactive updates on payroll regulations.
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Why choose us

Why Partner with Our West London Payroll Specialists?

Accuracy Assured

Avoid payroll hiccups and inaccuracies with our meticulous approach and expert handling.

Saves Time

With us managing your payroll, you're free to channel your time and energy towards running your business efficiently.

Stress-Free Compliance

Stay abreast of changes in regulations and ensure full compliance with our team keeping a vigilant eye.

Secure & Confidential

Trust us to keep your sensitive payroll information secure and confidential, ensuring peace of mind.

Expert Team

Leverage the skills of our dedicated team who combine their deep payroll knowledge with a personable approach.

Future-Proof Services

We embrace digital technology making payroll management a hassle-free and paperless experience for you.

Hear From Our Satisfied Payroll Clients

Delve into the experiences of our clients who’ve reaped the benefits of our dedicated payroll services. Understand how we’ve supported them in shifting their focus from payroll stress to business growth.
High quality accounting services Olena United Kingdom star

We have been working with Dauman for years and we cannot complain about a single thing. It is efficient, cost-effective and client-centric firm. 100% recommended!

I would definitely recommend Clive Roberts Paola Saunders United Kingdom star

Clive has prepared the accounts for my business for over 15 years and has also submitted my tax returns. Clive’s invaluable knowledge and expertise has given me peace of mind with regards to my accounts. It’s great to have this reassurance – Clive is always efficient, personable and very approachable too. Thank you Clive!

I have been a client of Dauman and Co… Sepehr Arkani Managing director CG&A Ltd star

I have been a client of Dauman and Co for over 25 years and my father was a client for 15 years prior to me. Through out this period I have been the recipient of an excellent professional and courteous service. I would be very happy to recommend this company to anyone.

Excellent and reliable service Peter United Kingdom star

Excellent, reliable and polite people pleasure to work with.


Your Questions, Answered

  • What size of companies do you serve with your payroll services?

    We cater to businesses of all sizes, from small start-ups to large corporations, ensuring everyone gets the expert assistance they need with their payroll requirements.

  • Do you only cater to businesses based in West London?

    While we’re based in West London, our services extend across the UK and even to businesses operating within the EU market. We’re here to help wherever you’re located.

  • Do you handle year-end reporting and tax document preparation?

    Yes, we manage year-end reporting and prepare necessary tax documents like P60s, ensuring you meet all HMRC requirements, taking the pressure off your shoulders.

  • How secure is the data I share with you?

    We prioritise data security. All sensitive data, including your payroll information, is stored and managed securely, ensuring your confidential business information remains just that – confidential.

  • Do you provide payroll services for part-time and contract employees?

    Absolutely, we offer payroll services for all employee types, including full-time, part-time, contract, and temporary workers. We ensure everyone gets paid accurately and on time.

  • Can you handle multiple pay schedules?

    Yes, we’re adept at managing various pay schedules, whether weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly. We customise our service to fit your business’s specific needs.

  • What if my business operates in Europe, can you handle the different regulations?

    Certainly! We specialise in European payroll services and are familiar with the unique regulations and requirements for UK businesses operating within the EU market.

  • Do you offer services for processing bonuses or commissions?

    Yes, we do. Our payroll services encompass processing of all forms of employee compensation, including bonuses and commissions, ensuring accurate calculations and timely payouts. Contact us today to find out more. 

  • What happens if there are changes in payroll laws and regulations?

    We keep ourselves updated with any changes in payroll laws and regulations, ensuring you stay compliant. We communicate these changes to you, so you’re always in the loop.

  • Do you offer payroll services for sole traders?

    Yes, we provide payroll services for a wide range of businesses, including limited companies and sole traders. We tailor our services to meet your specific business requirements.


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